A Hands-on Approach to c++ programming

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Hands-On Material

The distinguishing features of this text are the applied, hands-on nature of the material presented. It is strongly encouraged that the reader completes all of the Section Exercises and Learn by Doing Exercises before moving on to the next section. These exercises allow the reader to solidify their understanding before advancing to the next topic.

Problem Solving & Debugging

The Problem Solving Applied and Debugging sections are typically some of the more difficult concepts our students encounter. These sections have been very helpful to the students in our classes.

Team Programming

One aspect of programming that many students in academia don’t have exposure to is using other people’s design, code and specifications. The Team Programming section tries to introduce the student to typical situations found in the team environment of the computer industry.

About the Authors

Todd Breedlove, Troy Scevers, and Randal Albert have over 75 years of combined teaching experience at Oregon Tech.


Todd Breedlove


Even with over 20 years of experience, Todd still has another 10 years of teaching before he can even begin to think about retiring. He has taught classes in C, C++, Programming Languages, Databases, Data Structures, and a team-based Junior Project sequence.


Troy Scevers


Troy, being the new kid on the block, has over 15 years of teaching experience at Oregon Tech. He has taught classes in Embedded C, C++, Unix/Linux, Programming Languages, Networks, and Operation Systems.


Randal Albert


Randy is now retired after 30+ years of teaching classes like C, C++, C#, Unix, Computer Science, Databases, and GUI Programming. Since his retirement, Randy spends most of his time relaxing on sandy beaches.


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We’d like to thank…

One of the key benefits we have received during the process of writing this text has been the continual encouragement and support of our colleagues, current students, alumni, and the OIT administration. 


The beta version of the text was used in CST 116 C++ Programming I and CST 126 C++ Programming II at the Oregon Institute of Technology. The students provided a lot of positive feedback as well as suggestions for improvement.


We would also like to thank Jon Kelley our IT guru and all around gopher. His help in so many different aspects in this project has been invaluable.


This new book also includes original cover art created by Mallory Conn. Mallory is an alum of Oregon Tech with a degree in Software Engineering Technology. As you can tell, her talents also lean towards graphic design. Thank you Mallory!


The new website for this version was created by Emma Thompson AKA “the Media Diva”. Emma is an alum of Oregon Tech with a degree in Software Engineering Technology as well as several minors. Thank you very much Emma for all the help through the years!